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Eugene Tsymbalyuk

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Khorly is a small village in the Kherson region (Ukraine). The village is located on a peninsula in the Black Sea. Once there worked a seaport, breed a fish, there was a big school where taught to drive a tractor and combine harvester. But with the onset of 2000, all this ceased to exist. There was a decline. And the only way to survive with local residents is to host tourists. Those, who come with children to relax on the beach.
The island has a rich history, which is connected with the noble family Falz-Fein. But from this story - from the estate of the Baroness Sophia Falz-Fein - almost nothing has been preserved. The oyster plant has not survived. Not preserved underground warehouses and other historical buildings. The fate of the Baroness itself was tragic. During the revolution and the civil war of 1917, the Reds attacked her.
They hacked the baroness with bayonets.
The main treasure of the peninsula, except the sea, is underground sources. Under the ground are huge lakes with clear water. The water contains a lot of silver and other useful elements. It can be drunk without heat treatment. It has a beneficial effect on health.

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