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Old Video

Vladimir Mogilevskiy

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Pictures in a serie is composed from materials for a non existing film. Bluish, faded colors is a nostalgia refer to old color TV or a tombstone print. The viewers are peeping into a supernatural wonderland, absolutely unreachable, as an afterlife. The subject of photography in this case is not a reality, but a screen and anonymous film imagery.

In his essay for "Old video" russian poet Pavel Peppershtain, states that space and time in the film is a chronotope for a bliss. How and why are the territories of happiness appear are disappear? Can we find an answer in personal realms in one's consciousness? Can a single human being be ultimately happy in a territory of misery? As well as in a space of bliss another can feel ultimately unhappy? What fortunate circumstances are responsible for appearances of such realms?
Pavel also suggests, that "Nostalgia and dreams, a way of Nabokov and Proust, and memories of how delightful is was to frisk in the shadow of young girls in flowers - is all we have left. But territories of happiness are not disappearing, they are migrating, look for them on another side of the Earth!"

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